$5 Odds & Ends Sale

For the rest of 2023, I'm selling perfumery odds and ends from my studio to clear up some space for next year. 

These are some of my favorite perfume experiments from 2023. I plan on releasing several of these scents in next year's collections. I'll mark which ones those are, but keep in mind that I might tweak their final formulas a bit. 

Last thing! Rather than coming in rollerball bottles like the rest of my perfumes, these will be in 2 ml screwtop cryogenic vials. Each vial is $5. 

Bergamot and Berries - Bergamot, Strawberry, Blackberry, Vanilla. Spring 2024 release.  

Blossom Bath - A sudsy bar of almond blossom scented soap

Cardamom Amber - Cardamom, Amber

Cardamom Santal - Cardamom, Sandalwood

Classic Chypre - Bergamot, White Florals, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Labdanum

Coconut Meat Accord

Daffodil Darlin'   - Daffodil, Bergamot, Lime Leaf, Fig Leaf, Meyer Lemon Blossom. Spring 2024 release.

Dewy Rose Accord

Dirty Davana - Davana, Soil, Oatmeal

Dozing Off - Lavender, Benzoin, Tonka, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla

Dragon's Hoard  - Dragon's Blood Resin, Animalic Resin Accord, Hot Metal Accord

Florals Booster   - This goes really well with white florals and orange blossom! There's quite a bit of hedione in this, which some people are anosmic to. But even if you're anosmic, you'll still be able to enjoy the diffusion and radiance it adds when layered over a floral perfume :)

Flourmand Base - In the style of mainstream sugary white florals

Ginger Lily Tea -One of Morari's monthly freebies in 2023 was Ginger Lily Tea. This is from that batch. I didn't end up adding it to my general catalog, as it ended up receiving mixed feedback. Notes are "a fresh cup of herbal tea, prepared by steeping ginger lily petals"

Ginger Lily Tea, Original  - This is an early version of Ginger Lily Tea, which had quite a different concept! Notes: ginger lily, honey, dill, lemon, grass, soil
Honeyed Amber - Honey Accord, Quince, Amber, Vanilla, a hint of honeysuckle
Honeyed Florals - Honey, Wildflowers

Hyacinth and Clementine - Hyacinth, Clementine, Green Mandarin, Gentle Musks. Spring 2024 release.

Lactonic Florals Base - Jasmine, Heliotrope, Magnolia, Coconut 

Lavender Crème - Lavender, Coumarin, Coconut Cream

Lime Leaf & Mandarin - Green Mandarin, Makrut Lime Leaf, Neroli, Frankincense. Spring 2024 release.

The Lingering Scent of Invisible Lilacs - Lilac, Violet, Violet Leaf, Watery-Green Accord. Spring 2024 release.

Messina - Messina Lemon, White Florals.  This smells like a refined, elegant version of one of my earliest perfumes, Daphnis! Spring 2024 release.

Mint Chip  - Mint Chip Ice Cream, Violet, Heliotrope

Pappy  - A cigar box, tobacco, a leather recliner, whiskey, a whiff of vintage cologne. Possible Fall 2024 release.  

Patchouli Flourmand - patchouli, sugary white florals

Pear & Osmanthus – an accord duo

Shoreside Creamsicle - A half-melted creamsicle, ambroxan, seashells. Summer 2024 release. Not vegan (contains choya nakh, made from shells)

Speakbeesy - Jasmine Green Tea, Meyer Lemon Blossom, Gin, Honey, Tahitian Vanilla. Spring 2024 release. NOT VEGAN, contains beeswax.

Sunkissed Mango – Mango, Fig Leaf, Coconut Water, Ambergris

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