Making a Marshmallow Accord

This was originally a Patreon post; I received a request for a marshmallow accord, and I incorporated it into one of that month's Patreon perfumes.

One of the requests I got for February was a marshmallow accord, and I'm happy to share my formula & thoughts! I'll also show you how to turn it into more of a "toasted marshmallow" scent. 

First, the formula:

  • Ethyl Vanillin, 10%: 15g
  • Ethyl Maltol, 5%: .35g
  • Coumarin, 10%: 1g
  • Isobutavan, full strength: 1g
  • Valeraldehyde ISO, 1%: .3g

Valeraldeyde ISO is the secret ingredient that gives it the odor texture of a marshmallow! When I smell this material, I do notice its sweetness, but I primarily notice that it smells "fluffy" and "bouncy." Which is SO hard to imagine without actually smelling it for yourself. 

Now, if you make this formula for yourself, you might notice a hint of a white chocolate note. That is from the isobutavan. I personally really like that in my marshmallow accord, but if you don't want that, it's fine to leave out the material!

Now, what if you want to make a toasted marshmallow accord? It's simple - double the amount of ethyl maltol and add the teensiest little bit of rectified birch tar. This is POWERFUL stuff, so you would just add .02g or so, at 10% dilution, to the formula above. 

This is just my own accord; every perfumer has their own version! Feel free to play around with the proportions & add or remove materials :) Some other ingredients you could try adding: heliotropin, peru balsam, flouve absolute, maple lactone. 

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