Morari's Fall 2023 Collection Is Retiring Tomorrow

On December 15th, Morari's Fall 2023 collection will be coming down. Here's what to know:

- Banana Nut Muffin will join my general catalog in January 2024, so the scent will be available year-round.

- Boozy Hot Cocoa will stay up as part of my winter catalog, then retire in Spring 2024. It will come back for Fall and Winter 2024.

- Spiced Apple Tea will be discontinued. The rest of the batch will be bottled and put in my shop's clearance section. I only sold one bottle of this scent, so there will be plenty to go around!

- All other Fall 2023 scents will be returning in 2024. For reference, they are: And She Walked With Me, Hearth and Home, A Squirrel Goes Trick or Treating, and Pumpkin Breath.

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