New Releases: Honeyed Fruits Collection, Spring Catalog, & 2 GC Releases

It's release day! Here's what's new at Morari: 

Seasonal Scents
1. Daffodil Darlin’: Bergamot, Daffodil, Makrut Lime Leaf, Meyer Lemon Blossom, Fig Leaf

2. Honeyed Tea (NOT VEGAN): Black & Green Teas, A Spoonful of Honey, Apple Blossoms

3. Hyacinth & Clementine: Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Clementine, Green Mandarin, Sun-Dried Sheets

4. Lime Leaf & Mandarin: Makrut Lime Leaf, Green Mandarin, Neroli, Frankincense, Amyris

5. The Lingering Scent of Invisible Lilacs: Lilac, Violet, Violet Leaf, Humid Air, Gentle Rain

6. Messina: Messina Lemon, Sheer White Floral Accord, Ozone

2024 Valentine’s Collection: Honeyed Fruits 

The collection is not vegan, as my wildflower honey accord contains beeswax, bee propolis, and honey extract.

1. Apricot & Fennel: Juicy apricots, wildflower honey, a foamy lavender latte, a heaping spoonful of rose jam, a hint of fennel seed

2. Papaya & Peony: Papaya, wildflower honey, peony petals, white tea leaf, silk

3. Pear & Ginger: Fresh pear, wildflower honey, sticky dates, ginger

4. Quince & Basil: Tangy quince, wildflower honey, sweet basil leaves, amyris, a glass of rosé

General Catalog Additions

1. Cafe Morari (NOT VEGAN): Praline, Coffee, Sea-Salt Flecked Caramels, Sweet Potato, Chocolate, Amber

2. Shrouded in Gossamer: French Vanilla, Silk, Face Powder, Cognac, Nutmeg

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