Vanilles Collection Launch

On October 1st, I will be adding a new rotating collection to Morari!

Meet the Vanilles

- Cardamom Vanille
- Cocoa Vanille
- Cranberry Vanille
- Salted Caraway Vanille
- Santal Vanille

These Vanilles will stay up through Fall and Winter. Come Spring 2024, they will be swapped out for new seasonal Vanilles.

My Vanille base is a warm, nutty, tonka-leaning vanilla, packed with real vanilla CO2. It's quite sweet but not foody - these are gourmand-adjacent perfumes, rather than true gourmands.

Other News

- October's freebie has been selected! Every order placed in October will receive a 1 ml sample of The Wood Witch's Magic, which has notes of cherry, cardamom, amber, patchouli, and agarwood.

- Due to very positive feedback, September's freebie (Ambery Violet) will be added to my General Catalog on October 1st.

- I am still doing custom perfumes! I'm just reworking the system & adding some new options. When everything is ready, I'll be adding a new section to my website. I'm hoping to have this ready within a week.

- In October, Patreon subscribers (Tiers 2-4) will get to try out samples of my upcoming Winter collection. If you want to sign up, just make sure to do so before October 1st, as that's when patrons' cards are charged!

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