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Life in the Valley 5-Piece Set (Sampler or Full-Sized)

Life in the Valley 5-Piece Set (Sampler or Full-Sized)

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Want to try the entire Life in the Valley perfume oil collection? You can choose either a set of 5 samples or 5 full-sized bottles. Samples come in 1 ml rollerball vials, and full-sized come in 5 ml rollerball vials.

The 5 perfumes included in this collection are:

1. Salmonberry Season: Freshly-picked salmonberries, foliage, petrichor, daffodils, morel mushrooms

2. Eat My Dust, Abby: Chocolate, lollipops, sweaty skin, the sweet smell of victory (a straw hat)

3. The Meadow Waltz: Tulips, crisp petticoats, cherry blossom petals, dandelion fluff, dew-laden grass

4. Midnight Market: Salty sea air, black coffee, seashells, algae-covered docks, pearl musk

5. Am I the Baddie?: Joja Cola fished out of the river, smoke and ash from a burning valley

Out of the 5 perfumes, the only non-vegan one is Midnight Market. It contains Choya Nakh, which is derived from seashells, but no marine life is harmed in production.

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