Custom Fragrance

There are two ways that you can get a custom perfume from Morari. The more accessible one is my "Build a Custom Perfume" product, where you can choose up to 10 notes. 

Price: $50 for 10 ml of perfume oil

Estimated time before shipping: 1 month

Build a Custom Perfume

The second method is through my Bespoke Perfume service. It offers a much more tailored experience - if there is an accord that you'd like in the fragrance that I don't already offer, I'll develop one. I can also tweak existing accords; for instance, I can lower the amount of indole in my jasmine accord, or tweak the aromachemicals in an apple accord to make it tarter. After I've developed a few versions that I'm satisfied with, I'll send you samples and you can select the final one. Then, you'll receive 30 ml of the perfume, in your choice of fractionated coconut oil or alcohol. 

Price: Starts from $200

Estimated time before shipping: 2 months to ship the samples, another 1-2 weeks to ship the finished perfume after receiving feedback

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