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Meadow Waltz - Tulips, Cherry Blossom, Dandelion, Grass, Linens

Meadow Waltz - Tulips, Cherry Blossom, Dandelion, Grass, Linens

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Notes: Tulips, crisp petticoats, cherry blossom petals, dandelion fluff, dew-laden grass

Description: This perfume oil is inspired by the Flower Dance that takes place every spring. Let’s say that this particular scent is grabbed from the second year of the game (I can never get anybody to dance with me in the first year, and that’s too depressing to think about, hehe).

So, Spring of Year 2: your farmer is standing across from a special someone (read: Leah), waltzing merrily through the meadow. Cherry blossom petals and dandelion fluff float through the air, lending an ethereal floral note. The floral note is deepened further with a tulip accord - a little green, a little powdery, a little honeyed. The grass beneath your feet is damp with dew, and its green smell perfectly balances the cottony smell of the dancers’ freshly starched petticoats.

Summed up, this is a very fresh, aldehydic, “clean” scent that leans toward soapy, but it’s pulled away from feeling too synthetic with the complex floral accords.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, Hedione, ISO E Super, Coumarex DB, Sakura Salicylate, Narcissus F-TEC, Hyacinth Key Accord, Velvione, Benzaldehyde, Galaxolide, Palmarosa EO, Triplal, Hivernal Neo, Lavender Green Absolute, Cis-3 Hexenol

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