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MIdnight Market - Salty Air, Coffee, Seashells, Algae, Dockwood, Pearl Musk

MIdnight Market - Salty Air, Coffee, Seashells, Algae, Dockwood, Pearl Musk

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Notes: Salty sea air, black coffee, seashells, algae-covered docks, pearl musk. Contains choya nakh, which is derived from seashells.

Description: This perfume oil is inspired by Stardew Valley’s Night Market, which takes place every Winter. As your farmer steps onto the creaky pier, the sights dazzle your eyes – mysterious merchants selling amazing wares upon their docked boats, a turbaned figure providing strong, black coffee, and beautiful lights strung up everywhere. A salty sea breeze tickles your nose, mingling with the earthy aroma of seashells and the algae-covered dock wood. You’re holding a cup of coffee in your hands, made from freshly ground beans; the smell is divine. You catch a whiff of a pearlescent musk… you think it might be coming from the Mermaid Show boat.

Out of all the perfumes in the collection, this one took me the longest to complete. Not just because the Night Market is my favorite event in Stardew Valley, but because it was hard to toe the line between wearable and experimental. Many failed versions teetered on the side of “smells super interesting, but I could never wear this outside of the house.” This final version, though, has a beautiful balance between the more experimental notes (algae & seashells) and the familiar coffee and musky notes.

Please note that this perfume contains Choya Nakh, which is derived from seashells. No marine life is harmed in the making of Choya Nakh, but it is technically an animal-derived ingredient, so I wanted to disclose that.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, DEP, ISO E Super, Galaxolide, Cedramber, Coffee F-TEC, Ambrettolide, Ethyl Caprate, Texas Cedar, Ambroxan, Coffee Bean CO2, Muguet Aldehyde, Floralozone, Algenone, Ethyl Vanillin, Aldehyde C-9, Choya Nakh, Calone
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