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Anginetti With Mom - Anginetti Cookies, Lemon, Orange, Star Anise

Anginetti With Mom - Anginetti Cookies, Lemon, Orange, Star Anise

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Notes: 3 batches of anginetti cookies, with lemon, orange, and anise icing

Scent Description: One of my favorite holiday memories is making anginetti with my mom each year. We always called them “Italian Christmas Cookies.” We’d make three versions, with lemon, orange, and anise icing. The lemon one was always my favorite! I especially enjoyed eating them cold and scraping the icing off with my teeth, before diving into the chewy cookie. The cookies themselves weren’t particularly sweet; all the sweetness and flavor came from the icing. I haven’t had these in years, but I can still perfectly remember how they smelled and tasted – and when I made an experimental anginetti perfume, I was stunned by how much it smelled like my childhood kitchen during the winter holidays. It’s such a special memory, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Getting into the "how" behind the scent - the cookie base is similar to my buttery cake base used in Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and Green Tea Layer Cake, except it's a little more "doughy" smelling, so a nuance of raw batter. Like my other gourmands, it isn't very sweet. For the icings, I used star anise, lemon, and sweet orange essential oils, along with trace amounts of isolated molecules (eugenol, limonene-D, cinnamic aldehyde)

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