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Duchess - Bergamot, Gardenia, Grapefruit, Orchid, Vanilla

Duchess - Bergamot, Gardenia, Grapefruit, Orchid, Vanilla

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Notes: Bergamot, Gardenia, Pink Grapefruit, Heliotrope, Orchid, Amber, Rosemary, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Scent Description: Duchess is the sister scent of Lady — both are floral perfumes that showcase Gardenia. But while Lady is powdery and, well, ladylike, Duchess is juicier and more showy. It opens with a tangy blast of bergamot and grapefruit, but after drydown, the gardenia emerges, supported by heliotrope and orchid. There's a little bit of amber, vanilla, and tonka bean to add a creamy sweetness, while a hint of rosemary keeps things fresh.

About My Oils:

Each scent is available as a 1 ml sample or a 5ml full size. Both samples and full-sized perfumes come in an amber bottle with a rollerball.

My perfume oils are made with a mixture of synthetic and natural oils, along with fractionated coconut oil as the carrier. To keep everything skin-safe, I use a 65/35 ratio of carrier oil to fragrance oil.

These perfume oils are for use on the skin only. Do not ingest. Be sure to perform a patch test before you apply a new fragrance.

How to Use:
After you receive your oil, try to let it rest for about 48 hours. This will give the ingredients time to settle and provide you with the best experience.

Use the rollerball to apply the perfume oil to your pulse points - wrist, inside your elbow, behind your ears, and the bottom of your throat.

To store your oils, keep them upright in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Shipping Info:
Each perfume oil is made to order. TAT can take up to 14 business days.
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